Lange's Rock Farm
Old World Look - Old World Longevity

"Atlantic Sparkle"
Nova Scotia's finest granite building a solid reputation at home and away
Class A aggregate, precision blasting, masonry services, mobile crushing

Since 1996, a proudly owned and operated family business in Nova Scotia

Matthias Lange & Lukas Lange

The foundation of Lange's Rock Farm is their Dimension Stone Granite Quarry in Maplewood, Nova Scotia. The men of the family source the finest granite, then process it for reputable contractors, distributors, do-it-yourselfers and themselves.

Between them, they offer clients a variety of products and services such as design and construction of solid rock walls, chimneys, fireplaces, cobblestone decking, pathways and retaining walls. As well, the licensed blasters are called on by contractors, entrepreneurs and home-owners alike.

Matthias "Matt" Lange learned his trade in Switzerland. Since 1986, the licensed blaster has continued furthering his education and expertise in the stone industry - for example, mastering cobblestone road construction, a skill which he uses for smaller projects as well.

Lukas Lange is a licensed blaster and masonry contractor. He does professional shearing of alpaca sheep, llamas and angora goats.

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