Lange's precision blasting Nova Scotia
Two generations of licensed blasters - Matthias Lange and his son, Lukas Lange

Since 1996, a proudly owned and operated family business in Nova Scotia

Lange's precision blasting

Note the size of this project - in the photo, left, you can see that Lukas is standing in the bottom left hand corner!

Lange's precision blasting
Lange's precision blasting

Precision blasting Nova Scotia by Lange's Rock Farm is the only way to go in the province's Liverpool and area. The district is known for its quartzite - a most uncooperative feature determined to stay put. These stills from a video clip on removing a 60 cubic metre (approximately 150 tonnes) obstacle from a construction site, demonstrate the Langes have no difficulty in clearing a building site. Their top-grade, on-time and on-budget results are delivered safely and economically.

See Shawn Ray's video clip!
Please note: depending on the situation, downloading may take several minutes.

Lange's Rock Farm blasting Lange's Rock Farm blasting Lange's Rock Farm blasting
Lange's Rock Farm blasting Lange's Rock Farm blasting Lange's Rock Farm blasting Lange's underwater blasting

From left, Lange's Precision Blasting Nova Scotia on-Location worked with a homeowner in Hunts Point. It was important to him to leave the property as intact as possible, yet he wanted granite countertops - preferably from his own land. The Langes made it happen in their typical professional, low-impact way - sawing slabs of two-inch countertops as well as floor tiles and steps. The third photo shows a precise blasting for a septic tank.

In the final photo, Lange's was called on for precision blasting Nova Scotia - underwater - to clear waterways.

Langes precision drilling Langes precision drilling commercial
precision blasting preparation Langes precision blasting

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