Lange's free-range farm
Home to chickens, flocks of sheep and goats, and an ever-watchful guard llama

Since 1996, a proudly owned and operated family business in Nova Scotia

these lambs are siblings

Hard to believe these two youngsters are brother and sister!

Lange's beautiful wool blankets are made from 100% wool grown on the farm. For more information

Lange's Rock Farm is much more than class A aggregate, precision blasting and a Dimension Stone Granite Quarry home to Atlantic Sparkle - Nova Scotia's finest granite. It's a working farm as well.

The Rock Farm is home to free range chickens and flocks of sheep and goats, along with a rescued horse, and an ever-watchful guard llama who is much more than a pretty face. It keeps the sheep and goats safe from coyotes and bears. They haven't lost an animal yet.

The Langes raise free-range lamb, pork, goat and chicken. Although they sell their freezer meat all year round (depending on availability), for a good supply, order it in the fall.

kid on sign the Langes lama the Langes goats
Lukas Lange Shearing has clients throughout Nova Scotia who call on him to shear their sheep, angora goats, llamas and alpaca.   for more information.
Lange's lambs Lange's goats & granite

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