Halifax citizens write Mayor Mike Savage about Lange's six-month project on Horseshoe Island:

"Dear Mr. Savage

"This letter is an effort to illustrate my feelings about the work done at Horseshoe Island Park near the Armdale Roundabout in Halifax.

"I have lived in Spryfield nearly my entire life and travel this route to work daily. I experience the sunrise five days a week while exiting the roundabout and driving along the stone wall at the Northwest Arm.

"I just wanted to pass along my sincere admiration of the stone work that has been done here. I am absolutely floored by the level of technique and dedication that is being put into this project.

"Kudos to you and your office for having the foresight to protect this park against rising sea levels. I am left marveling at the superior crafsmanship of the stone work while feeling a great sense of pride in my city and its decision to make this a priority."

Mayor Savage's reply to another letter:

"Thanks for your email and pictures of work at Horseshoe Island. It is most appreciated and your comments about wider use of this type of work [are] duly noted. Thanks for writing. Best, Mike"