Lange's Rock Farm & Nova Scotia Granite Quarry
Solid rock walls, European-style cobblestones, siding, fireplaces, chimneys

"Atlantic Sparkle"
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Since 1996, a proudly owned and operated family business in Nova Scotia

Lange's Rock Farm is home to Dimension Stone sourced from their Nova Scotia Granite Quarry. They use multi-sizes in random for a variety of projects:

Lange's 4" Veneer Select

  • Siding
  • Fireplaces
  • Chimneys
  • Accents - indoors and out

Granite stones weigh up to 65 pounds each. One ton, (2,000 pounds) of natural, varied dimensions yield on average, 50 square feet of coverage.

Solid Rock Wall Blocks

  • Planters
  • Edgings
  • Terracing
  • Raised Beds
  • Rock Walls

One ton (2,000 pounds) of natural varied dimensions (20 - 250 pound stones) includes wedges and cut-offs for shimming and supporting the wall. Average yield dry-stacked:

  • 3 foot retaining wall
    a 20 square foot face with 20" coverage at the ground, 10" at the top
  • 2 foot wall
    27 square foot face with appropriate support
  • mortared walls
    up to 70% more coverage

With Lange's Solid Wall Blocks, a larger, centrepiece rock is surrounded by handsome smaller rocks. The finest rocks are reserved for the "face" with less attractive, but fully functional rocks used as support behind the wall.

Langes stone house Langes stone siding granite building blocks

Lange's Nova Scotia granite quarry
ships Atlantic Sparkle Granite in one-ton tote bags or loose

Cobblestone - European styled

Since 1986, Matthias, a licensed blaster, has continued furthering his skills and education in the stone industry - for example, mastering cobblestone road building in Switzerland. The trade lends itself well to landscaping.

The six photos below show the progress he was making at Sherbrooke Lake late in 2007 using cubes of Atlantic Sparkle Granite from Lange's Nova Scotia Granite Quarry. The larger edging stones ensure the cobblestones don't shift and move - no matter how long ago they were installed. As for aging, it will only enhance the stones' natural beauty.

Matthias Lange cobblestone Cobblestone by Matthias Lange
Langes cobblestone on the job Cobblestone by Matthias Lange
Matthias Lange cobblestone Langes cobblestone on the job

Museum gets cobblestone wheelchair accessible entrance

Parkdale Maplewood Museum celebrates a wealth of local heritage through their facility and Heritage Gardens. From the Country Store to the Library to the Cobbler's Shop, visitors can see how the people of yesteryear survived and flourished.

In 2006, the museum wanted - and needed - a wheelchair accessible entrance. The front entry sidewalk was damaged - and there was a gap of about 12-inches between it and the main floor. It appeared that the upgraded entranceway would have to be installed at the back of the building. Matthias Lange assured them this wasn't necessary. He could build a cobblestone, wheelchair walk up to the front door.

"We hadn't even contemplated that," recalls Museum Administrator Donna Smith.

"It's lovely," she adds. "They did an excellent job - and not just the entrance. They built a patio under the overhang where we can put our barbecue when it's raining. It's a nice addition."

Langes cobblestone

Wendy Looke photo

Langes' wall-building with Atlantic Sparkle sourced from their Nova Scotia granite quarry

Langes granite wall Langes build granite wall
Langes granite wall foundation Langes granite wall

Projects done with Atlantic Sparkle sourced from Lange's Nova Scotia granite quarry

Langes granite fireplace Langes stone fireplace Langes granite fireplace Langes fabulous stone fireplace
Lange's rock wall

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